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This suites belongs to the Masks of the Glance series and is based on the enthralling “Epic of Gilgamesh.” The artist has always tried to make sure that his work does not have the slightest shred of narrative, nevertheless, Ciria decided to initiate an epic voyage in his work akin to that of Gilgamesh. He has headed off for the cedar forest with Enkidu. He has asked again if narrative is possible in the territory of abstract painting, and he has spent a season in hell, which is the space most conducive to an artist’s contemplation. His response was the songs translated into painting.

In the Gilgamesh Suite (2005-2006), the paintings are individually abstract, but when you see them as a group and know what their titles are, you can grasp their reading. Ciria has sought out a formula for each character and he has deliberately used the one where all the disconnected elements that appear in his paintings are transformed into something much more concrete. The confrontation is tension and struggle, love is love, and he manages to represent the grief of loss and death.

Of all the suites the artist has made, Gilgamesh is certainly the most ambitious to date, with 23 scenes turned into 23 paintings that measure 250×250 cm, plus ten 200×200 cm preparatory works on linen.