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LIQUID WORDS (2000 – 2003)

This series is pivotal in the mature abstract iconography of Ciria. Liquid Words (Glosa Líquida), made from 2000 to 2003, consists of an incisive observation into the techniques of controlled chance the artist liked so much (A.D.A. platform), specifically about what could be called «spatter» painting. After investigating the formal results achieved by artists with different backgrounds along these lines, including Pat Steir, Cy Twombly, Ferrán García Sevilla and others, Ciria decided to experiment with the possibilities of this method that consisted of letting the liquid paint follow its own gravitational trajectory without the intervention of the hand. However, Ciria manages to escape using the technique in a vulgar way, and achieves some highly «sophisticated» outcomes in terms of the highly diverse modulations and densities achieved on the painting support. The gradients and transparency we see in a liquid substance are represented as «petrified.» It is painting that represents liquids in movement using liquids in movement.

Throughout its development, this group of works has generally found its basis in the Constructed Dreams series for generating compositional and compartmental possibilities, in addition to using stains from the Masks of the Glance series to tighten and complete the pictorial planes. It was, precisely, in the fusion of the series that we are discussing and the greater centrality in the compositions of the ingredients of Masks of the Glance when the group of work called Geometric Venus emerged.

For Ciria Liquid Words subjectively represents time and memory: melancholy, passage, life and death.