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The Green Park Suite (Suite Green Park) (2008) is comprised of a dozen paintings with parts of the linen canvas left visible, which is odd for this period given that, since late 2005, Ciria had been covering the entire support with a colored ground. All the paintings in the suite were painted by the artist in two stages during his trips to Madrid.

Even though the suite clearly falls within the La Guardia Place series because of its iconography, it became a final conclusion for that series, with its marked difference -in addition to the previously mentioned fact of the support left visible- of the growing importance of the geometric and a free and playful use of color.

The artist’s intention in this suite was to take us back to his own memory; playing in the green parks of his childhood in Manchester. We might misleadingly believe that this small group of work pertains to the artist’s less dramatic or emotionally intense iconography, however in all of Ciria’s series there are always exceptions. The use of saturated light green square or rectangular supports and the contrast with the reds, oranges, blacks and whites give the paintings a unique and special movement, as well as an unexpected joviality.